Saturday, May 29, 2004

I started maintaining my first diary when I got a cute little pocket diary as a gift which had a lock on its side. The lock was to keep my mother from reading it. I remember how I started that diary writing about the girls that were coming into my life... I was very young then and those girls happened to be my first foray into relations with the opposite sex. Those were the best of days, those were only the best of days. My mom however was not to be kept at bay by small teeny weeny locks. The diary did not last long. Now I have lost the key to it... and will hopefully break it much much later in my life. Probably when memories will be blurred, making the diary even more precious.

My next diary was in a simple school copy. I did not mind if my mother read it... but by that time she was much less inquizitive. Do not remember clearly what was in that diary. Though have read it quite a few times later. A little portions about my relation with my "girl"-friend. Dunno whether I should be picking names... new to blogging after all.

That diary also did not last too long.

And then this one... it's public. My mom can surf the net now.

Well that's all folks.... For now.