Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Green Revolution

For too long in my culinary career (i.e. since I had started cooking after coming to USA), have I restricted my vegetarian cooking to the following few recipes:

  • Kopi'r dalla (Cauliflower curry)
  • Rajma (Kidney bean curry)
  • Masoor Daal (Lentils)
  • Mug Daal (Lentils)
  • Kopi diye Mug Daal (Lentils with Cauliflower)
These were good for when I used to eat my own cooking only once or twice a week (i.e. when when we were doing cooking turns in my friend's group). And these are good when I cook occasionally and the (dear) wife is doing most of the cooking (and Boy, she does cook well!). 

But now that I was alone during my wife's trip alone, I realized I could not eat just the same dishes and survive. So I finally made some dishes I had wanted to learn for a while -- simple green veggies cooked in the Bong style. The wife makes them very well, but I needed to learn them myself (found the recipes online).

Anyway these are the three green veggie dishes I made today:
  1. Green beans Bengali style
  2. Bhindi (okra) Bengali style
  3. Broccoli Bengali style
All three were very easy to make, and I made all of them within two hours (while watching 'Shatranj ke Khiladi' on DVD). They all should go fantastically with daal and rice.