Sunday, September 03, 2006

Recipe : Pai’s Corn Toast

6 pieces


2 tablespoon Butter
2 tablespoon Maida
1 glass Milk
Salt and Pepper - to taste
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Capsicum diced into small bits - 1/3rd cup
Sweet Corn Kernels – 1 200gm can
Bread – 12 slices

[For the uninitiated, Sweet Corn Kernels are the type of corn, which have become the rage with cinemagoers at multiplexes across India. I used a 200g can of Green Giant Niblets, which you can get for Rs. 49/- but there are equally good cheaper packs available. ]


  • Firstly put the Kernels (about 3/4ths of the can will do) in the pressure cooker and cook till two whistles. Basically you need to bring it just to a boil so that it still retains it crispiness. (Microwave directions are also provided on the wrapper.) Drain the water and place the corn aside.
  • Saute the capsicum in a little butter and place aside. It should also be crunchy.

    For the White Sauce
  • Heat the butter in the kadhai and add the maida just when it starts to brown.
  • Mix the two well and heat till the maida is cooked.
  • Then add the milk. Add salt, pepper to taste and the sugar. Cook till it becomes a thick but flowing paste.
    (This white sauce is a basic sauce in so many dishes that every self-respecting cook should have it in his/her repertoire. For our preparation, we should also add the capsicum along with the milk so that it also simultaneously gets cooked.)

  • When the white sauce is ready, add the corn. Stir for a minute and your spread is ready.

    The final step
  • Toast 2 bread slices. Butter them. Apply the spread on the bread. Spread some cheese and pepper, cover with the other slice and serve. Yum!!!

PS : This sandwich is served in Coffee Pai, a coffee parlour near my house. My mom replicated it at home after having had it over there. Hence the name. Like before, the photo will come soon.