Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chapter 2

A lot of things going on recently. I traveled to Chicago to attend a truly international conference. Then came to California to do an internship. Experiencing new places, new people, new foods, new experiences. Office. Commute to office. California. Chicago. Long distance relationship. So many changes - so many things to write about. For a start, here some of my recent reflections/ observations/ experiences:
  • Walking at night on the roads of USA, you see many cars passing by but no people.
  • California food is good. Very good. Also Mexicans make curry very much like our mutton curry and rice pudding very much like our payesh.
  • Some people (read 'I') unwind by talking/being with their loved ones. Not having them nearby can be tough. Different time zones can make this even more difficult. 
  • Writing comes naturally in these times.
  • In the real world (as compared to grad school), money is a big motivator. Commute-time to work is equally important.
  • The engine of a BMW is very powerful.
  • Driving a stick-shift is slightly more work but more fun.
  • Some people do not like being given directions by the GPS.
  • In Chicago, I had to search for places where I liked the food. In California, I have not yet found a place where I did not like the food.
  • A Mexican burrito can be very different from the one we eat at Moe's.
  • You might meet most of the first authors on the Reference list of your publication by going to an international conference.
  • Blue Moon beer tastes good.
  • It is great fun to sing along with someone playing the guitar to 'Hotel California' - even if you are reading the lyrics off the internet.
  • If you get lost in USA but have a laptop, check available Wireless connections. You might get an unsecured Wireless connection.
  • One night, in Chicago - I took a ferry ride on Lake Michigan to get a good view of the city lights. After a while, I realized that I was more attracted by a view directly opposite the city lights - the sight of the lake at night, and the dark wavy waters spreading out into a dark horizon.
  • You got to stay at the beach if you want to enjoy the ocean. A few hours just does not cut.
  • It is difficult to take good photographs on a rocking boat at night.
  • Chicago (and lot of central USA) is flat. Really flat.
  • Some people are not scared of looking down from the 110th floor of a building.
  • Yesterday, I walked for 45 minutes along busy roads but did not get within 20ft of another individual (except for those who were in cars whizzing by).
    [Point made earlier but felt like noting it again.]
  • The Macbook has a clamshell mode. Fortunately.
  • TV has its attractions - after watching something on a large TV screen, difficult to go back to a small laptop screen.
  • Some good TV shows  I found - Bourdain, Man vs. Food.
More later. 


kaushik said...

have been using my macbook in the clamshell mode for a long time. Never realized that they have a name for it.

Bourdain and Man Vs Food are awesome. No Reservations has around 5 seasons on Netflix streaming!

Vivek Malewar said...

1. You got to visit Nevada, watch down Stratosphere, and simultaniously admire the flatness of mid-US and curvature of earth :P
2. Blue Moon .. yeah!! :)

kriti said...

Actually I did stay at Stratosphere - though not too high up. And stupidly enough, I did not go to the top then :P

bornfree said...

1. Can't agree more with point # 3 :(
2. Moe's is not a "real" Mexican restaurant
3. Point # 16 about the always find a way of saying this in different ways :P