Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Well as you know I am now in SFO - spending a 3 month period of my life here. Well I did tell you a bit about all that in my last post to you, but this time - wanted to share some statistics with you. 

The following one, I looked up on Sept. 11 this year.
  • About 3000 people died in the September 11 attacks on World Trade Center, New York ^
  • About 40,000 people live in Blacksburg, USA (that's where Virginia Tech is located) ^
  • About 230,000 people died in the Haiti earthquake, early 2010 ^
[Imagine 70 WTC towers collapsing simultaneously within 2 minutes. Or 6 towns like Blacksburg wiped out. That was the Haiti earthquake.]

OK, next one is not so grim. It is related to my love for Botanical Gardens. Loved it as a kid. Still love it. Found this one out after my visit to Golden Gate Park, SFO.
  • About 250 acres: Area of Botanical Gardens, Kolkata ^
  • About 1000 acres: Area of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco ^

  • About 5 million: Population of Kolkata ^
  • About 1 million: Population of San Francisco ^

[That means Kolkata has 5 times more people but it's biggest recreational area is 4 times smaller.]

Am curious to know if this post will reach you properly. Am sending it to you via email.

Take care. 

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